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Observation Point

Zoe Leonard At Camden Arts Centre, 31 March – 24 June 2012 In Observation Point Leonard gives you just enough to go on with. Each of the works in her current exhibition at Camden Arts Centre appear straightforward and minimal, the experience of which moves between gentle fascination, bemusement and frustration. It was only in hindsight, that […]

All Divided Selves

Luke Fowler 2011 Screened at the ICA, London on 28th March 2012 The experience of watching All Divided Selves felt rare and exciting in both its sincerity and its clarity. That’s not to say that this film presents you with a straight-forward narrative. This is an experimental documentary that combines archival footage of psychiatrist R. […]

From these calm

The following text formed the basis of a talk I gave in Southend on 13 August 2011 in response to ‘Public Hanging’ by Morag Keil – see The five headings indicate the location at which each part of the talk was given. 1. Public Hanging, High Street/ Pier Hill I’ve been asked by the […]

Kim’s Publication

The affliction did not arise overnight, not this time. Over a period of months, from the September of the previous year to the May that followed I noticed that my right eye was gradually moving out of sync with the other. When glancing quickly to the right I was presented with two images, next to […]

Notes for a Film

This short piece of writing was presented as a spoken word performance and was accompanied by a series of photographs taken at Liverpool Street Station and Crystal Palace Park in London. Notes for a film, draft 3. Provisional title: A Romance of the Near Future The opening scene must be complete darkness, over which we […]

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